Thursday, August 18, 2011


DH loves Scrabble as he views himself as some sort of word craftsmen.  I abhor playing games with someone who takes TEN minutes per turn.  We tried playing electronic Scrabble on our phones until he ACCUSED me of cheating as he "was only familiar with me using four letter words," and found some of my turns to be more sophisticated than my vocabulary.  We stopped playing altogether after that incident.  Moving on. 

Everyone keeps telling me about the "explosion" of words that happens around this age.  LO is not very quick with the words. She will maybe say something once like "Duck" or "Thank You" and then we never hear it again.  She has mastered "NO" and "This" (while pointing and grunting) which she has seemed to be content sticking with as it gets her everything that she desires.  In the last week, she has started saying "Hey," not Hi but "Hey."  As in hey, come get me or get me some "eese" (cheese) when the refrigerator opens.

She will also say "Bubba Bat" (bubble bath). We are slowly working our way to the eight word minimum at 18 months that is considered sufficient.  But "Hey" and "No" seem to be the words of choice and I can't help but wonder if our vocab at home is not some sort of derivative of this non-explosion of words. 

An example of a convo at our house after a long day:

DH & I walk through the door from work, "Heyyyyyyyyy babe"

We see the cat on the counter, "HEY, NOOOOOOOO"

"What do you want to do this weekend?" - Response "Grunt"