Thursday, August 25, 2011

Robbery #1

I straight robbed borrowed this from Belle Plaine as it sooooo sums up the way that I feel about a lot of stuff.  She is pregnant and I know the exact feeling of missing your body and freedom BUT I miss stuff too and I am not pg like my LEGS.

Things I miss about myself:
  • My legs--Wtf happened to my beautiful, skinny, tan legs? They look like they have been replaced with some white pasty grandma legs.
  • My bikini body--I used to only wear bikinis for YEARs in college.  Bikini and a short cover-up dress to CLASS with flip-flops.  Remember when the old lady in Titanic sees the naked pic of herself and calls herself a dish?? That is how I feel, what happened!?
  • The knowledge that I would for sure retire at 35 as that is when you are OLD but not quite decrepit
About being home:
  • More time with LO, obvs
  • Um, no make-up and taking naps.  I can freely admit it now as I am back in the grind BUT I was a hard core two hour napper. 
  • No dry cleaning or suits
  • Going places with no crowds during the week
  • Monday was not that big of a deal because it was always the weekend
Things I don't miss about being 22:
  • THE DRAMA--why is everyone and everything so dramatic
  • Cleaning my own toilet
  • Not being taken seriously at work
  • Being at the bottom of the ladder
  • Uncertainty of the future
Why 30+ is a teeny bit cool:
  • I am FANCY now--A person named Velvet came to my house today to advise me on some new furniture placement.  Only fancy people and hookers know people named, Velvet.
  • A lot of stuff has become WAY less important making everything else a lot easier.
  • I drink MUCH nicer wine and it tastes so good.
  • There is no ramen in my house
  • I am old enough that no one tries to advise me on life decisions or goals.  I am too far gone for it be a good use of their time.  HAHAHA
  • TV is not rotting my brain