Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A recap of this crap week so far:

Sunday, we attend a fun birthday party for a lovely two year old where LO slowly gets a fever of 103.2.  She is up multiple times throughout the night crying. The baby cat cries throughout the night as she misses Mama cat.  Poor LO, not baby cat.

Monday, we head to the doctor in between non-stop business meetings.  I feel like a super mom who has it all under control.  I get stuck at work until 7:15 and want to stab myself with a hot poker for not being home early to be with my sick baby.  DH is at a work dinner so LO is with the nanny.  I feel like a shitty mom and worry about my baby.  The monitor keeps heading down the path of rapid decline rendering it useless.  We keep the doors open which baby cat views as an invitation to walk all over my pillow. 

Tuesday, we wake up and LO still has a fever and only wants to be held.  She eats and goes back to bed for the entire morning except for some blowouts which may be the stomach flu or the ibuprofen.  I go home at noon to wake her up and assess the situation given all of my medical training.  I declare her well enough to put off the doctor another day and come back to work to write this horribly boring post which was about to go into me needing to pick up the radioactive cat and dreading it.

Please save me from myself and suggest a TV series that I would like or a delicious treat that won't blow my diet.  Those are the only two things that will save this week.  We don't have premium channels but I have watched and liked Weeds and Entourage.  I also enjoy 30 Rock and the Good Wife.  I love peanut butter, milk chocolate, CAKE, raspberries and whipped cream but not necessarily all together.  What else can I snack on besides rice cakes??

*There is an apartment building close to us named Crapi, not Capri.  I pronounce it crap-eye, whaddya think?