Monday, August 8, 2011

PC Term for Old Person?

Do you ever think about how you will act when you reach a certain age of distinction?  Besides fearing aging like I fear being pecked to death by birds, I wonder who I will be in 50 years.  I am aiming for Dorothy's mother with a tiny bit of Rose and no Dorothy.  My grandma, Grandpa Irv's wife, was pretty awesome and understood the importance of ice cream DAILY, swimming and bagels with melted cheese on one side and cream cheese on the other side while watching Bewitched.  She understood that I needed quiet time at the end of a long day and always obliged my request to weigh ourselves on the fancy electronic scale in her closet daily. 

One of the advantages of being a certain age is that you can say almost anything and no one thinks poorly of you as you are of a different generation and therefore garner respect.  We were at Grandpa Irv's senior residence last night to celebrate his decision to stay in So CA and this lady questioned that LO was a girl.  Happens a lot due to the lack of hair.  She kept asking just to make sure that I was positive.  She told me that she sure had the build and look of a boy and that she would probably be great at male sports.  That is awesome on so many levels.  If your old and you see a baby that you think isn't cute or feminine, you can blurt out that she looks like a football player! Or that boy looks like he would be good at ballet. 

Later on I gave LO a tiny bite of cake that ended up on her shirt so I took her shirt off and one of the older gentlemen said she looked sexy.  If he was 40 years younger, you would have thought pedophile but totally acceptable when you are old.  No one really argues or belabors a point with you so you assume that you are right all the time! You can tell stories about people from a long time ago as no one remembers the details or key people have passed on.  My grandfather told me recently that he dated a brassiere model when he was younger.  "Not underwear, just brassieres." Awesome.