Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Partial Win

I may have mentioned a zillion times that getting into preschool here is quite the daunting and expensive challenge.  We ended up applying to three schools even though, those in the know, suggest five to six.  We were just asked to join one of the toddler programs that meets once a week during the middle of the work week.  A toddler program is the first step towards being accepted to the preschool.  It is our safety school, like when you apply to college, but it starts in September and here is the description: 

"This one hour and 45 minute program consists of indoor and outdoor play, snack, story and circle time for children." Exciting.

This is the description for my top preschool pick:
"Our toddler program philosophy recognizes children as competent individuals and values their emotional, social and physical experiences. Inspired by RIE and Reggio Emilia approaches, the Explorations classes are centered around observation, free play and the wish to understand and appreciate each child’s unique developmental achievements and challenges within the context of the toddler group. Family members or care-givers stay with children for the 90-minute classes, which include about eight toddlers each.  Our toddler teacher is a caring and nurturing educator who understands early childhood development and learning and is applying her knowledge of the RIE and Reggio philosophies in the creation of a lovely toddler environment full of potential discoveries for young children and their families."

I think it will be a good experience for her to have the time around other children and be at a "school."  It will mean that the nanny will have to drive her on occasion which makes me a bit uncomfortable.  I am going to commit to going at least once a month and have DH make a commitment to do once a month as well.  I thought that I would find a better daycare solution that was a full day, instead of a nanny, for preschool but that has not materialized for us.  I am going to give the Fall session a shot and see how it works out.  What will be her first day of school outfit? sniff, sniff