Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW Me Part 3

Somebody mentioned that I may be going overboard to go to a bachelorette party BUT what no one understands is that I will let it ALL go unless I check myself once in a blue moon.  Do you think this lady just one day woke up and looked like this?! It was a gradual slide.  She USED to be HOT.

I did another crazy lunch run and purchased some make-up.  I purchased some foundation, eye shadow and mascara and mascara primer--a man with make-up showed me how to do it up.  I purchased eye cream too as my eyes were "parched." Yes, I have let me hair slide as we are having issues.  I don't want to talk about it.

After work, a lady is going to spray these gams with tan AND there was a late night pedicure last night after pilates.  I asked the sales girl about the latest in tanning because last time I tried tanning, there was a booth and you had to hold your breath and close your eyes and then turn around while toxic chemicals were shot at you.   Then around our wedding, there was a show about tanning and I went to get THE tan from one of the people on the show and OMG you had to keep wet paint on you for 12 hours and not touch anything.  Do you know how hard that is??? Do you have any idea what happens when a cat rubs against your tan? To you and the cat? SO someone is going to spray just the legs and I can shower after an hour or two.  Heck, I can just eat that whole time and it will go fast.

In cat news--Mama cat is home and she had a bath and is looking pretty damn good EXCEPT that the two cats fought all night long until one of them decided it was ALL too much and barfed on the rug.  The barf was discovered by LO stepping in it and the nanny texting me that the cats are fighting and the baby cat started it.  Obvs, she missed the Miami Makeover Memo that my regular life of cat barf and general grossness has been put ON HOLD for a few days.