Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miami Update

After I posted yesterday, I ran out of the office and went to a nearby department store and asked for MAJOR help.  I have BEEN everyone including F21, H&M and all over online.  A dress was obtained, let me know your FEELINGS about said dress.  Let me also say that I don't buy dresses EVER.  It is sad times in the dress department as I have a very long torso and a bum making dresses uncomfortably short.  So ummm I went with a sparkle dress.  I have a little nagging feeling that it looks like an ice skating outfit but a REALLY nice one like in the Olympics or does this dress say who invited their mother to the party and why is she wearing a ball gown??!! If you know me in the real world, you will see A LOT of this dress over the next few months so you are REQUIRED to weigh in.
Use your imagination and PRETEND there is an awesome poll right here:
A  You are burning my eyes--take it off NOW
B Pretty dress but not for Miami
C This is SO Miami

Be good Internet friends and I will tell you all about my fight with my anorexic supermodel pilates teacher last night.