Monday, August 22, 2011


LO is feeling a bit better but is still a little, "HOLD ME and don't ever put me down and I am going to tightly squeeze your neck so there is no chance that we will be separated." She was pretty upset going into the weekend and it seemed that DH had a hard time when I went to get my hair did on Saturday.  Sunday, she was feeling a bit better but DH was sick all day.  LO and I ventured out of the house for a bit to visit my aunt and see a friend as we both needed a change of scenery. 

We went to see our friends who have a six year old son and LO was smitten.  She seems to have moved on from the under two crowd as she followed him everywhere and if he was snacking on carrots, then she would snack on carrots. Ummm, carrots?!  Six year old boys have a lot of toys with pieces and she couldn't have been more delighted to play battle with him and his army men.  He was less excited about her enthusiasm.  She was not deterred and followed him everywhere with no worries about what mommy was doing.  She was pretty hilarious and made me look forward to the upcoming first day of school where she will get to interact with more kids.