Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Be Clubbin

I finished Sarah's Key last night and it was really amazing.  The first part is VERY hard to get through BUT I had no idea about all of the anti-semitism in France during the WWII BEFORE the Nazis were even there.  Also, that they already had CAMPS set up just outside of town for the Spanish peeps. The other crazy thing is that France didn't discuss the events or acknowledge the French police's involvement until 1995.  Every country has its shameful events, I am talking about you Native Americans and our own internment camps for the Japanese peeps after Pearl Harbor.  I doubt there was concierge service at those camps. SAD TIMES! So back to my own first world problems. 

I will be going clubbin over the long weekend in MIAMI with some chicks that have not had kids for my cousin's bachelorette party. You know, they are probably tan and not scared to show some skin. When I was in my first trimester with LO, I went to Vegas for a bachelorette. Oh my, it was torture on wheels as I was extremely nauseous, bloated and not cool looking. The bartenders screamed at me for ordering water and I basically wanted to kick everyone in site. The worst part was my horrible looking outfit that was left over from a Valentine's Date five years before.  So I am not pregnant or bloated at this moment but I am still lacking in the clothes department.  I started ordering cool clothes SIX weeks ago on the Internet and I have shipped EVERYTHING back.  I like my casual jeans and a cute top with flip-flops style but it is not Miami.  So as of now, I need a pedicure, laser hair removal, a tan and two-three cute outfits. Also, LO chucked my mascara behind her 100 pound changing table so add that to the list.  Oh yeah and I ran out of foundation two weeks.  So I am pretty sure that I can solve the mascara, foundation and pedicure issues.  What to do about the rest?