Monday, July 11, 2011


It truly feels like summertime over here in So CA and I am loving it.  Summer is the BEST season and should be cherished.  We have been living it up and I still have the "cram it all into summer break" mentality even though I work full time and have no break.  Life is just awesomer when it is light out longer and you can wear flip flops non-stop. 

LO and I attended a Mommy & Me shower on Saturday where she spent the whole time next to her stroller in case anyone was going to touch it.  She ate her lunch with the plate on it and then pushed it around.  There was a water table and a tunnel and lots of toys and other KIDS but she just chilled with the stroller for two hours.  I have been having a lot of mixed emotions about a second baby as more of my friends jump on the bandwagon.  I can't imagine not having a second but I can NOT imagine being pg again.  I feel like everything is easy with one kid as you can always trade off and there is no sibling rivalry and it is like having a small friend around.  We are planning a trip for next Spring/Summer to Ireland and I'm not nervous about traveling with her but it would seem like toooo much with two.  At the same time, I am a wee bit jealous of my second pg friends.  TWO little people around, another small friend, a little baby to cuddle.  I may mention this subject A LOT but I pretty much ponder it 95% of the time.  LO and I went to brunch with an old friend and her 10 month old on Sunday morning and she seemed slightly unnerved by me holding a baby.  I put her on my lap too and she realized that it was the same old lap and didn't mind but I am sure she would feel differently if the baby came to our house and wanted to touch her crayons or stickers or horror of all horrors, her shopping cart.

I also ponder the fact that I would have to get a larger car as where would Grandpa Irv sit?  We went to Costco with Grandpa Irv this weekend as that is our favorite thing to do.  He likes to buy books and pjs for LO and I like to look at books and Grandpa likes to walk around with LO in the cart.  We also had dinner at his senior residence where LO runs around to different tables and stares at the other residents.  They say that they love it but I think it would be unnerving to be enjoying your rainbow trout and look down to see a small person staring at you and offering you part of her roll. 

This coming weekend we will be engaging in non-stop Groupons.  I have a sick obsession with buying them and currently have 10 unused groupons for everything from food to wine tasting to pedicures to carpet cleaning.  I have been collecting them and we are going to use all of them instead of using the car as it is Carmaggedon in So CA where they are closing 10 miles of the freeway for an entire weekend.  What better way to stay close to home than to drink and eat on foot??