Thursday, July 14, 2011


LO loves her some paci, lovie, blankie and sleep.  She likes all of her stuff to be perfect before she goes to sleep.  I understand completely as I get upset if someone touches my special pillow.  We have a video monitor and I love to watch her in her bed rolling around.  I have started taking pictures of her the last two nights as I can't believe how big she is getting and how adorable she looks.  I stick the iPhone in the general direction of the bed in her dark room and have gotten some cute shots.

Also, she is a genius. I thought that I would throw that out there.  She is a quiet GENIUS.  The other evening she started signing to me that she was all done except that I wasn't paying attention and she kept doing it and then it clicked. The one thing that I taught her to sign, she actually picked up.  Genius! I was too lazy to learn any other signs so really she has mastered the world of sign language as taught.