Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, Casey

***Beware--Casey Anthony trial opinion *****
I didn't watch every second of the trial on TV or did I sit in the courtroom or sit on the jury but I kind of think she did it.  I don't know if it happened the way that the prosecution described but something horrible happened, and she is partially if not entirely to blame.   She was the parent and she didn't report whatever horribleness happened.  It seems that the prosecution didn't provide enough credible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.  That is the tricky part as I may "think" that she did it but they had to be convinced to sentence her to possible death.  At the end of the day, a little girl died a horrific death and however we may feel, the jury has decided she isn't guilty of the crime.  

So where does that leave Casey?  I have some advice for her, lay low and find God.  There will be books and shows and hate mail but the only way that she will be able to survive is to "act" like she gives a damn.  No wild partying, no boyfriends, no reality shows, no anger towards the media, no interviews and for the love, do NOT reproduce.  In 5 years, invite Barbara Walters or whoever over to your house, wear a cardigan set and discuss how much you miss her and your heroic efforts with a charity organization dedicated to children.  Learn from OJ.