Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Maria Thursday

I got a call yesterday at work that LO had a fever and was crying.  When I used to have a long commute, I would ask a ton of questions and not that I would not have gone home but if it takes you 45 minutes to get home and assess a situation, you need to know if 911 should be called.  I can hightail it on the freeway like the rest of them but I am usually in the 18 month waiting period for traffic school, ya know you can only go once every 18 months, so I try to be careful.  Anyhoooo, since I am a minute away and it was 4:30 and someone was working on my computer, I went home. 
LO was completely fine just a little cranky.  I took her temperature as this is the second nanny that is TERRIFIED of the butt thermometer.  She had no fever but I can feel a big molar coming in.  So what was Maria doing during LO being upset and crying. Yelling and insisting that an onion be put in her mouth so the tooth would come out white and fast in between organizing DH's closet by color and season.  I sometimes consider going to our next door neighbor's house at the end of the day where there is no destroyed furniture, no vomit stains on the carpet and everything is relatively quiet.  There house is exactly like ours except reversed so it could be like home but not as crazy.