Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Me, Myself and Myself again

I love myself as in I think that my sense of humor is hilarious.  I don't appreciate my hips, hair, nose or ass that much but my jokes are hilarious.  I don't often share them as they are kind of insider jokes to myself.  If I see something that I can do to secretly freak out DH, I will do it.  Move his all important laundry items, put things away in the wrong place or buy obnoxious shit, I am ALL over it.

In return he gets to drive me batshit nuts and talk incessantly when I am trying to sleep or talk about damn YouTube or Apple whatever.  So when I saw that you could customize your Wells Fargo credit and debit card for FREE, I knew that it was on like Donkey Kong.  So I ordered a nice family shot for his credit card AND the contenders for his debit card are a shot of him in the bathtub with no water with a shower cap on or one of these fine offerings.  Feel free to vote.  I plan to order and just put them in his wallet without mentioning it.  Bwahahahahaha sucka!