Friday, July 22, 2011

Haps in the Hood

I read MODG and she opened up her own store and I was super jealous so I opened up my OWN store.  Jealous?

We are going to Disneyland this weekend, ya know the antithesis of everything I stand for as a parent.  We have family coming to town who has free tickets so we are going to accompany them.  I can't decide if I will refer to everything like "Oh look at that funny mouse or wacky duck," or "Wow, those women are wearing nice dresses" or just point out scenery but part of me is cringing inside and the other part is a little bit excited to see if she likes it.  I will be bringing some organic food/treats just to bring a little rain to the parade.

DH and I used a groupon last night to go wine tasting but when we got there they had a special, 20 tastes for $20 that they said we could use instead of the premium flight.  Word of advice, don't do bargain wine tasting.  It will lead to you eating a grilled cheese sammie off a food truck and a candy bar.  Blargh

I signed DH up for nursing home insurance yesterday as my company offers it.  I think it is just funny to say that he has it. 

I was talking to DH about owling yesterday and he told me that he was wayyyyyyyyyy too busy to read such articles from ya know CNN.  Then he sent me the below pic 30 minutes later.