Friday, July 8, 2011


I am about to go wackadoodle crazy on you.  Ok, I am already crazy but I am going to go more wackadoodle.  I have become paranoid a little bit upset about genetically modified foods and am trying to eliminate them from our lives.  With LO's gut issues and my fear of an 8 year old menstruating, I feel that getting rid of soy is a must and with her mild allergy to corn, I think it is best to give corn the boot as well.  This is realllly hard and I thought I had it pretty under control but I have NOT even scratched the surface.  Corn and soy are everywhere, EVERYWHERE and over 90% of it is GM.  I say this in a loud staged whisper as if the government is looking at me right now.

I buy LO food from Whole Foods, I should be safe.  No sirrreeeeeeee, Whole Foods will not be GM free until mid 2012. There is no law or regulation that manufacturers have to call out GM foods and they wont as that would be like putting a "skull and crossbones on the food and no one would buy it." Well, duh. I made cookies last night and soy lecithin is in ALL chocolate.  I'm not quite ready to buy my own chickens to get my own eggs BUT pretty close except that I hate birds and chickens are birds and therefore gross.  I went deep on the Internet yesterday and wanted to curl into a ball and cry. 

I would love to be crunchy, I would love to dine on a raw diet but that isn't me.  So I have found some resources that don't make me throw up my hands and declare it impossible. is a great website and they have the simple "Do One Thing" to try or their shopping list that looks handy. The non-GMO project also offers a shopping guide. 

Food has taken on such a new meaning for me.  It started with gestational diabetes, then with LO's gut and allergies and now with the fear that I could be impacting her future health with the choices that I make for her now.   I wish that I could say, I turned out fine and there was no organic food during my childhood but the food supply has drastically changed in the last 15-20 years.  I feel that I have to at least pay attention to what goes in her mouth beyond the inedible pieces that are in there too. Sigh, who wants to discuss malted barley flour???