Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrities Bow Down to Her On Her 16 Month Bday

We took Ella here for dinner which was a bit unkid-friendly but LO behaved like a champ and sat like a lady for 90 minutes.  Multiple people stopped in to say how well behaved, charming and smiley she acted. Yeah, I'm bragging as I am in constant amazement at how awesome she is.  I live in fear that it will all turn on me but for now, I am on a baby honeymoon.  Anyway then we had this lady stop in to ask how old LO was and that she reminded them of their grandchild and to tell us that she was beautiful.  I knew that I recognized her but didn't know from where but DH was all excited as Airplane is one of his favorite movies.  She talks exactly like her character, weird.   I am trying not to jinx myself but am I in for a rude surprise soon?