Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I hate watching videos on YouTube or any video on the computer or phone.   I am not cool or hip and I will not follow a link that you send to me or that you put on your blog.  I may read the description but I hate waiting for videos to load and I hate when videos pause.  DH is the exact opposite and it always showing me things on the iPad or computer, I act interested for a second and then I am done.  I also hate it when people read to me as it makes me feel trapped.  I love watching movies and will watch videos on the TV but any kind of portable device makes me itchy and annoyed.   In summary, I will be the last person to see anything truly hilarious that is making its way around the Internet.  I was the last person to see the Whole Foods parking lot video and I am probably the last person to see Hitler discussing Carmageddon but this is truly funny.  DH was mad that I finally watched it as he begged me to watch it last week and I refused but it is worth a watch.  Completely inappropriate and funny.