Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beyond the Parade

We had a pretty rocking long weekend.  It was so great to spend time with LO and have THREE full days to hang out in the awesome weather.  I went to Manhattan Beach on Saturday to meet a friend and dine on crepes and mimosas.  We did a little shopping and some ice cream tasting and had a generally great time talking. 

Sunday, I took a baking class from this place.  I had a really good time learning the science behind baking which works a lot better than praying that something will turn out great.  I made some cookies that I took to a BBQ the next day and everyone was very impressed with them.  I had to admit that they were from a baking class when someone suggested that I should market and sell them. 

Monday was the parade and then a BIG nap before we went to a BBQ filled with kids.  I have never seen LO so excited about other kids.  She was the youngest out of the eight kids and they were constantly running and chasing each other.  She would stand in the middle and put her arms up while they were flying by her.  She would then chase after them on her little legs looking for them and shrieking.   They all stopped once to play with her and she kept wanting to hug the little girls because she was so excited. 

The other baby that is a few months older than her wanted to play with her but she was not interested in boys, just the older girls.  The BBQ convinced me even more that she needs more regular contact with groups of kids.  I would have never seen her at the BBQ if I didn't follow her around to make sure that she didn't fall off a set of stairs or drown in the toilet.  She is really starting to become a kid and not a baby, we even said goodbye to bottles this weekend and she didn't seem to care or notice.  It is more challenging for me to find creative ways to get enough dairy/calcium into her.  Any tips on getting kids to drink milk?