Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shopping Cart Review

Now that I am the proud owner of three shopping carts, I thought I would throw out a review for those in the market.  We even test drove some baby carriages.

Who doesn't like to see a miniature person take a stab at the homeless life by pushing a cart?  If you don't live in an area with massive amounts of homeless people then you may be unaware of the awesome shopping carts that pop up.  You have the homeless hoarder who has three shopping carts tied together, the upscale homeless that rolls with an older model Maclaren or Bugaboo stroller or the travelling homeless who rolls with a suitcase.  I am now placing LO in the hoarding homeless as she has THREE push carts.  I was really into it when she started pulling up and walking and we tried this one at Erica's house.  I was not impressed as I felt like it was really hard for her and she fell a lot.

Plan Toy Baby Walker

So then we went to the Little Tikes Shopping Cart and it was love at first sight. She loved it, I felt more secure in the balance of weight but the wheels kept falling off and this really irritated her to the point where she was constantly checking them.  It resulted in a misunderstanding at Whole Foods where I thought she was insisting on buying carrots and she was trying to tell me that the wheel flew under the display.  In my defense, she wants weird things at the grocery store.
Little Tikes Shopping Cart - Yellow/Red

DH and I walked with her to a neighboring toy store with her cart with the wheels flying off and she saw this cart.  DH was ready to buy it on the spot but I felt that we needed to show some restraint and she had a shopping cart.  It was hard for her to leave this cart behind.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

So as I got ready to go back to work, I considered a mini baby stroller as she had shown a lot of interest in the big stroller so we tried out a generic version of this one which OMG is so cute. She fell on her face as it was just too much for her.
Polka Dot Doll Pram

So I bought this one for half the price and it seemed a lot more stable.

Little Tikes Classic Doll Buggy

But as the reviews said, the wheels don't turn.  Everyone seemed to make it out to be no big deal but it is a big deal for the WHEELS not to work.  The stroller is so CUTE and looks great in the living room but is mostly useless.

So after the carrot incident and now that LO really likes to walk the neighborhood with her cart, I broke down and bought the Melissa & Doug shopping cart.  I put it together last night and she was very excited as the front wheels turn so she can adjust when she runs into the wall.  The only small issue that I see is that it is heavy and fast and she seems to be more comfortable going backwards which presents its own problems.  We are going to take it for a spin tonight, possibly to Whole Foods.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart