Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Sequel

Ever since the Vietnamese Food Baby 2011, I have been thinking that there may not be a sequel to this story.  I REALLY like this life and the one and only baby.  I feel that I have more love to give but I thinks that I may only have one bambino.  I would have another little tiny baby all day long but I hear that they grow up and don't want to be hugged similar to the first kid.  I am wistful and sad that this may it, but I'm not convinced that two is the way to go for our family.

I watched Anna on Sunday afternoon which was a lot of fun.  But it was hard to get two kids in the car to go somewhere and being on the move is important to me.  There was also a little bit of jealousy as both kids decided that I should hug them and hold them at the same time.  DH was no good, just mommy.  LO didn't want me holding another baby and I felt like Anna needed extra attention as everything was unfamiliar so I didn't want her to be scared as she is just a baby as well.  I have never seen LO jealous as she usually has all the attention.  She was fine sharing except when it came to mommy and a special duck book at my aunt's house.   I imagine that two kids is a lot about juggling your attention, hugs and special time.  I realize that love is infinite but time and arms are definitely finite.  I'm glad that I waited to have LO but I wish that there was more time to make the decision for another.