Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rascal Flatts

I feel the need to explain the Rascal Flatts story as I am more Tupac while some of you seem to be a little more country which I can dig.  DH and I were celebrating Valentine's Day and we stopped by the fancy hotel made famous by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  We went to the bar to have a glass of champagne and it was packed but I noticed an empty seat at a table of guys.  Ummmmm, why should a group of guys occupy a table on the most romantic day of the year in a pretty hotel?? So I went over and asked if I could use their table for my drink and sit at their empty seat, hint, hint. I started asking them questions about themselves to see if they were together romantically as I could understand and might vacate my seat.  Probably not, but maybe. 

They started talking about wives/girlfriends and the such in another part of the country and so I felt a teensy bit bad for them.  BUT who travels on V-day?! I felt worse for their wives.  So then I told them IN DETAIL every aspect of our upcoming wedding. I wanted them to feel some romance.  After vomiting out my life story, I asked why they were it town and they said they had a meeting with the radio commission about bringing country music back to LA.  Then they mentioned that they had also attended the Grammys and had stayed on for this particular meeting.  Of course, I had to launch into a long diatribe about my Grammy experience and how awesome it had been.  So then they mentioned that they had performed at the show and I was like, "Wha?"

SO feeling like a complete and utter fool as they had introduced themselves at the beginning of the conversation an hour before, I asked the name of the band.  Ummm, I still didn't know who they were.  So I just kind of went with it and pretended that I had heard of them.  Then the whole conversation kind of petered out and I felt like a dumb ass. We wished them well and good luck with their "band," and went on home.  Trying to keep as honest as possible, it was only two of them and their managerish person and I could not for the life of me tell you which two.  They were extremely kind, charming and nice enough to listen to my endless stories.  Similar to yourselves.