Monday, June 13, 2011

Rainmaker or Worker Bee?

I was coming back from a presentation last week and asking questions about people and different firms in town and a person I worked with, called one person a rainmaker and one a worker bee.  How do you define yourself? A worker bee in my mind is a clock watcher and time card puncher or someone that blogs at work. hahahahhahaaa  They drive a boring car, have pale ankles, and are only moderately happy.  I think of Michael Douglas in that movie where he goes berserk after sitting in traffic. A rainmaker is a hustler that makes it all happen, spraying champagne at the bar and vacationing on a yacht. Obviously tan ankles from all of that sunning with models on the yacht.  Are these images what Hollywood is projecting on us?

So the flip side of the rainmaker is that he is not seeing his kids and they grow up to be drug addicts while the worker bee is giving his kids enough but not everything so they have the drive to want more.  I would guess that if you asked 90% of college grads they would want to be rainmakers as it sounds like more fun. So how do most of us, including myself, end up as worker bees? Are the rainmakers having as much fun as they seem to be?  Do rainmakers give their kids the ability to be a rainmaker? I see kids dressed up by their important parents being paraded around to meet the rainmakers in town with the hopes of landing a summer internship or the low rung on the ladder in the climb to be the next success.

Somewhere along the way, I feel like I stepped off the ladder. I never wanted to be CEO but worker bee was not in the grand plan.  As a woman, I feel that you need to reach a certain level by a certain age or you will plateau. There is a glass ceiling and the family/work balance is not evenly divided.  Sorry, you may be able to name examples where that is not the case but I am telling you from where I sit, gender equality is a myth.  It is partially my fault in my family, I choose to have the closer relationship with my daughter. I want to be the one she wants right now so my career takes the backseat. I could blame it all on her but that is not the case. I stopped the path to rainmaker before she was even born.  I still have the fire but the flame is pretty low.  Are you still conquering the world and on your way to making it rain? How is your flame doing?