Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Maria

I have a cleaning lady every other week, judge me.  Think poorly of me, but the moment I had two nickels, I knew that one nickel would go to someone to help organize me.  I am a clean person but I don't pick up after myself well.  My kitchen is neat but my bedroom always looks like a cyclone of clothes.  I grew up in an extremely clean, tidy house but I am not that person.  I had my own place with no roommates about seven years ago and that is when a crazy lady came into my life and helped me clean and do the laundry.

She passed the job off to her sister which I didn't realize as she always came during the day when I was at work.  This is when things started to go downhill as she wasn't very good. She would show up a week late to clean, always talked on the phone and would stay at the house all day.  I felt an inclination to keep her as I was too lazy to find a new trustworthy person.  I kept Sita through two moves and six years until I got pregnant.  I knew that we had to step it up as the house would not be clean after she left so I let her go.  But she came BACK, just showed up one day as if I hadn't fired her and I was too tired to explain again.  She was my Rosario without the humor or Jack.  Finally, DH came in to do the dirty work about six months ago as she was still there hanging out when I was trying to put LO to bed.

We decided to try a nice lady who was quiet, always showed up and only stayed for three hours.  I felt that something was off.  It just didn't seem quite right to have such a normal person that spoke English clean our house.  She did an alright job but not great.  THEN I went to Erica's house and met Maria.  From the bad dye job to the teal eyeshadow and the loud voice with not a lick of English, I was hooked.  We hired her right away.  I knew I had made the right decision when I went home early from work with a fever and a stomach ache and she marched into the bedroom started yelling and then grabbed my legs and poured rubbing alcohol all over my feet and legs. It was surprising and weird and it helped.  I heart her.