Friday, June 3, 2011

Fighting a 60 Year Old Woman & City Hall

We live in a city inside of the larger city, I think.  We have our own school system, police department and city hall.  I never get called for jury duty in our city but I have to hall my cookies down to the big scary one in downtown.  Anyway when our car was stolen a few years ago, they actually found it and we went down to the police station and thanked them.  They were bewildered that we actually would come down and thank them but we were really impressed with how kind everyone was to us.  They formed a sting operation to get our car back. Booyaaaaa. The criminals had taken it a mile away and had been driving around town for the prior three weeks but still VERY impressive. 

Anyway so I am not saying it is Mayberry around these parts but we have a cute little City Hall and you go to get your parking permits and there is never a line.  So when I needed to file a single piece of paper for a civil matter at the courthouse I parked and walked up to the small courthouse and somehow was absorbed into "the system."  I was waiting outside the door where the form needed to be filed and as the doors opened a crazy old gypsy snakes past me and cuts in line.  I am having none of that business, I told her that she needed to chelax and I was there first.  She ignored me and I kept talking to her and the city official didn't care and helped her.  I was miffed but waited my turn as she ran from the room. 

I got up to the window and the lady told me I had the wrong version of the form and needed to go two windows down and then a guy grumbled and told me to go one window down after waiting in that line. Then a lady who refused to mark her window as "open" told me I could go up to legal aid on the second floor if I had any other questions as they weren't going to help me. What?? So I go up to legal aid and wait my turn behind a lady who had been evicted after filling in all of my income crap to see if I could qualify for legal aid.  Their advice was that I was right but to check with probate.  So I head over to probate and she has decided not to keep office hours so an adjoining office mate tells me she has short hair and might be in courtroom A.  I check with the bailiff and no one has seen her but directs me back to the original office where I had been an hour before. 

So I enter the original office and those m*** f**ers knew that I would end up back there.  They hand me three forms and tell me to get lost as that is all they can do for me and they have already done way too much.  I have asked it before and I will ask again, how do you get that job? Great benefits and a mean sick sense of humor? I wanted to apply to law school that very instant and fight for the people! The system sucks and I can see how frustrating and utterly helpless people must feel.