Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dum Dum

Conversation in my house

Me & DH in 5 minutes that we talk alone in the same room each evening

Me:  Have you been following the Casey Anthony trial?

DH: Is that the one where the parents killed the kid?

Me: Those are the grandparents, their daughter is on trial for murder.

DH: Mumble, mumble, not interested, mumble

Me: So there was a really exciting witness on the stand today and they may let the jury smell the trunk of the car.

DH:  What? mumble, not interested, mumble, you obviously have your facts wrong, mumble

Me: Yes, they have a can that contains the smell of the car that witnesses have been testifying smelled like death.

DH: Mumble, did you bake these cookies, mumble, mumble

Me: Yes, that is why there is baking utensils out. So do you know what this means?

DH: What means?

Me: You could send someone a fart in the mail!

DH: Why wouldn't you just fart on them, I could fart on you right now.

Me: Sigh.

Me in my head: This is why we are not really fit for polite company.