Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Girl

LO went to the doctor today for her 15 month appointment and she finally hit 20 pounds.  I was guessing 28-30 as she feels like a solid brick but girlfriend is still teeny. Her appointment went really well except that she only has one more chance to wean off her reflux medication or the doctors will begin doing more invasive testing. We tried two weeks ago and we had to go back on them as she was vomiting and highly uncomfortable. I was pretty disappointed and I started another big post on reflux in children but haven't posted. 

To sum it up, I am a strong believer in treating reflux with medication in children who have discomfort from their reflux.  It is not a popular view and most people find that meds don't work because doctors under dose with a histamine H2-receptor antagonist like Zantac which are usually not effective in infants or small kids for extended periods of time.   Proton pump inhibitors like Nexium work better in children but are not FDA approved making doctors resistant to prescribing.   So why am I going into this much boring detail?  When we tried to wean LO off the meds, it made me realize how much they help her.   LO takes both which I have been told is scientifically incorrect as the Zantac is rendering the Nexium useless.  I have tried all different combinations and this works for us.  I think it is sad when parents are told that their baby has colic or is just fussy.  Maybe I should check out some adults I know that are fussy and get them some reflux medication.