Thursday, June 23, 2011

Babies with Alcohol & Birds

Really people, I have been poring out my little soul on this blog.  I have gone deep (for me) and showed you my LIFE.  I don't normally look at stats on my blog but I have been thinking of doing some refreshing on the comments section and took a gander.  I am annoyed with Blogger as it is hard for me to post on other peep's blogs and I thought that I should try an easier way for you to post on mine. So I looked at the most popular posts of ALL time, I wasn't expecting Mama's near death experience to win or my BIRTH story. But these two pictures are the winners! LO flipping the bird and her at Costco with scotch??

Also, ummmm how could we not have noticed that she had some face, eye, torticollis thing going on? The right side of her FACE is pulled down in the first pic. WTF? She was probably flipping the bird because we had not noticed her FACE. Love really is blind.