Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies & Parades

We had an awesome weekend with a visit to the LA Zoo on Saturday morning where I embarrassed myself by getting IRATE over them not validating a coupon code that I had sent to all of my friends that offered $10 off a membership and a "Plush Elephant."  I had called the membership office the day before to check it out and they told me that it was fine, only to arrive to find my friend having an issue with the code and not offered the plush elephant.  I had to go mom crazy on them and demand to see a manager.  If I promised LO a PLUSH ELEPHANT than she was getting one.  Let's just say I was victorious to save a little of my dignity and LO eyed the elephant and tossed it aside as it was the size of a beanie baby and NOT plush.  One small fact that was not offered in any of the literature was that the LA Zoo is on the side of a MOUNTAIN.  You have to push your kids uphill to see any of the animals.  You arrive at the top sweating and all you want to do is run to the bottom and go home.  We went with my mommy group and had a great time but a small disclaimer was definitely needed on the non-plush elephant and mountain zoo.

Sunday we tried out a new marketplace in the new mall that offered awesome food, wine, cheese, chocolate and wares at small stands or stores.  They had plush seats to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather with a bottle of wine and your food.  We ate lunch and then spotted the ferris wheel at the pier.  DH thought LO would be too scared to go but me thinks he didn't want to fight the people on the pier a bit.  She loved it and the views were amazing. 

Soooooo, since summer is in full swing and we opted to stay home instead of go on a trip this weekend, I decided to put LO in a parade.  The idea came to me about two hours ago and I am waiting to hear back from the city organizers but what kid would not want to be in a PARADE.  I have a big wagon to decorate and I am thinking about buying some themed tutu legwarmers and a big dumb bejazzled outfit for her.  DH ignored my text when I ran it by him so FULL STEAM ahead.