Friday, May 27, 2011

They Love Me Here

Wow, I just have to tell you that my new job loves me.  They kiss the ground when I walk through the door and throw confetti in my wake.  Some of the awesome feedback verbatim as I begin my fifth day on the job.  I don't want you to be jealous as I am here 11 hours a day and then an additional 1-2 hours at night so it takes a lot of work to get this kind of response.

"Frankly, I am surprised that you couldn't add more insight" (to a 5 page article on mergers and acquisitions which I know nothing about)

"This is terrible." (to an eblast that was approved by four people)

"I think you need to read more," (to the 6 inch thick stack of industry news)

Now, I'm not saying that it is good genes or my mediocre education that got me here but I think it is my certain je ne sais quoi that I bring to the job.