Monday, May 9, 2011

Right Now

I am currently sitting amongst 625 Q-tips scattered all over the floor and next to a heap of clothes.  Today was day one of the countdown to full time employment. On the list for the day, clean out the closet to find suit type clothes and go to Target and Babies R Us to stock up for nuclear winter.   I had the same approach right before LO was born that I would buy enough of EVERYTHING so I didn't feel panicked about running out of toilet paper.  LO was pretty awesome today so I decided to attempt to clean out my closet while she was awake hence the 625 Q-tips all over this joint.  She wore out before I could finish and now I lack the motivation to get the job done.  As soon as DH walks into this place he is going to start hugging and rocking himself.

I believe there is only one way to clean out a closet and that is everything comes out and you need to be in your underwear as a lot of stuff needs to be tried on for wearability and size.  I do it twice a year and I love the results just not the process of doing it.  I am a bit freaked out to wear a suit every day but trying to cope with it.  I don't wear nylons so I will rock the pant suit every SINGLE day.  The whole new boss and new office is going to be weird.  I am going to have to think about a new nickname for old Bossman.  There are only two other women at the new company.   I feel like the new kid at school wondering who will eat lunch with me.  Maybe no one and that might be the best scenario.