Friday, May 20, 2011

Q & Answers

SHE Says asked a question, ya know like you are supposed to do.  It warmed my cold, little heart.  She has FOUR kids so everyone else including myself needs to stop complaining.

"What is one thing you swore you'd never do as a parent that has already made a liar out of you?"
Let me make a list:
  • Get rid of the paci by 6 months
  • Be firm and not pretend that I don't see when my child is misbehaving
  • Daycare, partially unavoidable that we had a nanny as the daycare wouldn't medicate LO, but I could be a little more aggressive on looking for one now
  • Technology, ya know the devil's work, I let her listen to music and play with my phone
  • And about a zillion other things that make me cringe and look for research studies that favor nature over nurture so I am not held accountable for all of the therapy.
LO has started whining and it is torturous to the ears.  I have seen dogs cringe in horror at the sound.  I am thinking of recording it and sending it to the military for torture.  She is having A LOT of separation issues right now and I am treated to the whine every time I am not within grabbing distance.  How long will this continue???