Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr. Bear

One of the last things that LO and I did before starting work was go see grandpa for lunch.  He kept mentioning that Costco was right by where we were eating, necessitating a trip to his fav place.  I was worried about him walking around such a big place but he was so excited to push the cart with LO in it.  He spied a gigantic sticker book that we picked up for LO and some pajamas.  Then he saw Mr. Bear and before I could say anything he was wrestling this 53" monstrosity into the cart which LO refused to ride in because Mr. Bear is so huge.

I was hoping that Mr. Bear could live at grandpa's house but no dice so he is hanging in our living room.
I am leaving the tags on him so you may see him as a "gift" at your house.

I started work today and it was not that bad.  I had a breakdown last night and may have cried and accused DH of a few things but all was forgiven in the am and I was off to work.  I woke up LO as I didn't want her to be sad when she woke up and I was gone.  Everyone was very nice and I snapped a quick pic of the smoggy LA view from my office.  It was really strange to jump in the car and be home in five minutes.  There are no real "set" hours to work which is also a little crazy as I am used to a job where you had to be in your seat during certain hours.   They just want you to get your work done which is awesome and I appreciate that mentality. 

Everyone wears a suit but they don't wear their jackets all day except for external meetings so I am thinking that I can wear some collared shirts and just pretend that my jacket is in my office.  Wish me luck on my second day!