Monday, May 2, 2011

The Haps

I have started four different posts and failed to finish and post them so I am going to bullet out some happenings in order for me not to feel like a blogging failure.

LO is growing so fast that I am speechless. She has been walking up and down the street with her shopping cart and it has really helped her with walking.  I see her confidence building after we go for our shopping cart walks.

Melissa & Doug Shopping CartShe spotted this shopping cart and DH immediately wanted to buy it for her but I think one shopping cart is sufficient.  I wish that I had sprung for the Melissa & Doug one as it is really nice but we have a pink piano and that is the end of the story.

She is also saying a few words such as her name, Mama, Dada, This, No and Duck.  She is very fond of No and This.

She is up to five loveys in bed these days with two pacis, one blanket and a doll.  Also as soon as she is done with her bottle at night, she will give no hugs or no reading of "Goodnight Moon," or no holding for a minute for me to cuddle her and smell her yumminess, she reaches for bed and wiggles out of my grasp and wants into the crib.  I should be overjoyed as this was my big sleep plan and craziness at scheduling a two week old but a little part of me is sad.

The sadness might be that I have two pretty good job opportunities going on right now and I see myself going back to work for the first time since I was laid off.  Now every second is precious with her and I find myself sad to think about leaving her again all day.  I look forward to a new challenge and going to the bathroom by myself but I will miss her desperately.  I feel like it will be the whole going back to work after maternity leave depression again.

Grandpa moved down to Southern CA today to live in a senior living facility.  It is weird to imagine that he lived in the same town for over 60 years and now he is living in a place with older folks.  He is trying it out to see if he likes the place over the next three months.

We start food therapy on Thursday which seems somewhat comical but I am hoping to learn some tips as I see her getting increasingly frustrated with the whole food not going down her throat but popping out her mouth.

Those are the haps!