Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Expectations

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  You can't win with me.  I want something fabulous for my anniversary and mother's day but I will be upset if you spent too much.  I want you to give me exactly what I want but my mind changes a lot.  I want sentiment and heart but I will wonder what to do with cutesy crap. 

DH bought me a wonderful bracelet that was beautiful for our anniversary but I was uncomfortable with the store that it was bought from as I feel like they are over-priced.  I also didn't find it very comfortable to wear.  Instead of shrieking with joy and excitement, I acted less than thrilled and I am ashamed of myself.  I find it hard to receive gifts.  I have received so many crappy useless gifts in my life that I have taught myself to show no emotion when receiving something even if I love it! I am a mixed bag of weird and bizarre habits. 

I have also been acting a bit strange as I got a job!! Yeah!! Leaving LO, sad day.  I am really going to miss her during the day.  I am also in need of a nanny as Poppins decided that she didn't want to nanny full time anymore so I am a bit stressed about child care at the moment.  I start a week from Thursday so I am cramming in a bunch of appointments so my new employer doesn't see my crazy appointment schedule right away. I have also been buying suits as they wear them EVERY day even FRIDAYS! Ahhhhhhhhhh Wish me luck as I am more of a dress down type o' gal.