Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giggles & Hugs = The Devil

LA Mom and I braved this place today.  The website looks good, Nickelodeon rated their pizza as number one and the last four digits of their phone number spells HUGS.  When you are feeling guilty for the impending sadness of going back to work, you get excited about sharing fun kid stuff with your children.

We decided to go at 2 pm on a Thursday, how bad could it be? I remember Chuck E. Cheese and the loudness and the screaming, it was awesome as a kid.  I remember swearing that I would never bring a child there as an adult so Giggles & Hugs seemed like an awesome adult friendly kid place.  It is the modern day Chuck E. Cheese.   There is kid music blaring, children screaming, lots of running and general can't find anyone that works there madness.  I saw a kid shaking his head to try to make his eyeballs shake and then he ran away with his mouth open.  There also seemed to be an abundance of children with parents hiding in the bathroom as you would look to see who was watching the hellion and they would bat tauntingly at you.

The food was decent, a bit overpriced but not horrible.  They don't serve alcohol, I hate pointing it out but it would have really helped with the screaming.  We stayed for two hours which was about as much no sunlight and screaming that I could take.  There were TVs everywhere as well as three video game stations which irked my no technology for children self.   I know that I will be going back to that madhouse one day but not for awhile.   The kicker was that LO seemed a bit take it or leave it.  She spent the entire time climbing the stairs in the castle and looking at the slide.  She also chilled in a chair for a bit.  LA Mom's little one had a fab time running and playing.  It would have been unbearable to go alone or with someone that enjoyed the soundtrack to Lilo & Stitch.