Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina

This new job is not all that bad.  I looked out my window and realized what I thought was haze is actually the OCEAN.  Nothing says you have made it then to be upgraded from a pet cemetary view (I shite you not) to a partial ocean view in an actual high rise.  Wow. I may have the shortest career in investment banking but I have an ocean view office, suckas!  I may be more upbeat as I received my first (possibly last) paycheck today, nothing calms my nerves like MONEY given to me by peeps that don't require a thank you note and hug.  I am also getting used to my suits as I feel they demand respect and I look a little scary in my non-smiling giving you the eye way.  I tend to stay more professional in them, I mean I ate three mini cupcakes today instead of one large cupcake.

LO seems to be adjusting well and may be milking it a bit. There is a recent raisin addiction that needs to be fed as well as BUBBles that need to be floating about. DH and I overdid the raisins yesterday much to the bewilderment of the new nanny. One more thing that no one tells you about kids. Beware of too many raisins.