Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beetchy & Her Monster

I am on a short fuse lately, on the verge of an eruption of mass destruction.  I am getting really resentful that I have to go back to work.  You are asking yourself, why I complained for the last four months about my lack of employment, and I am telling ya that I should have enjoyed it a teeny bit more.  My present weight would show that I enjoyed it a bit too much.  I feel sensitive and stressed and sad and frantic.  Our offer to the nanny was turned down which is probably a good thing as she didn't seem that committed.  We met someone else this weekend so we are checking references and I am supposed to be writing a formal job description.

I am constantly amazed by Southern CA and the over the top way that people live.  The nanny wanted to know if she would need to travel with us at Christmas as she wanted to be able to spend it with her husband.  Huh?  I want to spend time with LO and I made a big deal at the new job that I put my daughter to bed at night.  She seemed surprised as she had a job as a Saturday nanny as well.  DH suggested that the people were Realtors, I suggested that was probably not the case.  Most of the nannies are used to working 16 hour days, holidays and weekends.  Maybe that is why they are rich and I am not?  I try not to be judgy as everyone has their own situations but that is hard to understand.

LO, DH and I went to visit the neighbors new kittens this weekend and I think our neighbors were a bit scared of LO.  She is still in the stomping walking phase and when she gets excited, she tends to babble loudly.  So when she came to visit the "kides" she seemed like a crazy monster with flailing arms and spit flying while yelling "kides" at the poor little things.  LO is never the bigger kid so it was a little hilarious to watch her.

She is also getting wayyyy better with food and swallowing so I am starting to relax a bit.  I need stuff to feed her, any ideas?  She likes black beans, chicken, french fries and eggs which she can swallow.  She loves cucumbers, apples, carrots, puffs, blueberries, bread and mangoes but has a hard time swallowing them.  Any suggestions in the softer foods?