Thursday, May 12, 2011


1.  I got a facial last week at the dermatologist and they stuck a needle in my face without asking me.  She saw something on my face that needed to be taken off so they just did it without asking.  I was partly appalled and partly ok with it.  They also put glycolic acid on my face and it feels awesome afterwards.  It took a layer of dead skin off and my makeup just slid off my face when I tried to put it on later.   The dermatologist is way cheaper than a spa and much more effective.

2. LO had her milk challenge yesterday and everything went pretty smoothly with the exception of a gigantic booger flying out of her nose when the doctor was examining her.  I was slightly impressed and totally grossed out by the size. I am going to slowly introduce dairy into her diet.

3.  We were in the elevator at the hospital yesterday and a guy leans over and calls LO "little fella" and told her that "he was going to woo all the girls."  I just went with it.

4.  I think we have found a nanny for LO as DH loved her and was ready to hire her on the spot.  She has a masters in family counseling which might be helpful in the future.  I found a ton of really great people but LO went right up to this girl and wanted to draw with her.

5.  LO is now walking more than she is crawling and seems to prefer to walk.  She is still a bit unsteady but definitely a "walker."  She took a few steps two weeks before her first birthday and has been taking her time to get comfortable.

6. We have someone coming to our house for occupational therapy next week to observe LO's eating.

7. LO is starting to say duck, kitty and puppy.

8.  I got a haircut yesterday to avoid the trashy, shaggy look and I really like it.

9.  I got six chocolate chip cookies from a bakery yesterday and ate them all.  Delicious!

10.  We were watching Weeds on DVD last night and there was a phone message that Mary Louise Parker leaves for someone about being a Mama Bear and that no one is as strong or protective of her cubs, not even Papa Bears, I could totally relate.  That show rocks the body that rocks the party.


1.  I have to leave LO very soon to return to work and I cry every night about it.