Thursday, May 26, 2011

Always Hustlin'

I am back in the grind and feeling a bit overwhelmed already.  This job definitely takes more brain power than my last one as I am learning the world of investment banking.  I used to be learning the world of home building and then I "got it" and my job required less brain power.  LO is adjusting ok in that she doesn't seem to be too emotionally scarred.  She did start crying last night and couldn't stop which was sad and made me cry and question why we do it.  Then DH went to a preschool tour this am where you drop you kid off for 3 hours a day and they charge you $11k. Oh yeah, that is why I'm hustling.

So what is the master plan? Just keep working until your child requires no more expensive items, like the end of college, and you are just a shriveled skeleton of your former self? It begs the question, how the hell do people with multiple kids do this grind? DH and I work A LOT, even out of the office and it never feels like we are ahead.  Erica just did a post about spending and saving and I am the saver in this relationship but I have been worn down.  I am no longer the brand new car with the fresh leather and paint smell.  My saving ability has been worn down to the tan 1985 Toyota Tercel with the replaced red door and the trunk held down by a bungee cord.  My plan at this point is to live in that Tercel when LO is done milking me dry of financial resources and no longer wants anything to do with me.  DH will have to make do with the front seat as he was the spender and the saver should always have the more comfortable back seat.