Saturday, April 23, 2011

National Lampoon's Hawaiian Vacation

Yeah, we're back and my complete and total nervousness prevents me from announcing a vacation on FB or the blog.  I have no clue as to what would be stolen, maybe the cats.  If that was the case, I should have probably announced my address with flight times.  This was our first official family vacation with the long flight and significant time away from home.  Overall, it was a smashing success and we had an awesome time.  It exceeded my expectations and will definitely go down as one of the most memorable trips.  With that out the way, let me tell you the part that is so uniquely our family.

DH and I decided to use miles to fly first class instead of getting three coach seats which was making me nervous but the decision was made awhile ago and we went with it.  You make a decision when you get on a long flight with a baby and that is to embrace the plane or repel the plane.  We decided to embrace the plane so LO licked the seats and crawled the length of the plane a few times.  Within hours of arriving in Molokai, she had croup.  Molokai is a small island that is beautiful but no real stores or doctors or places to buy humidifiers.  We stayed at Bossman's condo which was awesome and bigger than our house.  We didn't even sleep on the second floor until the third night.  We all moved around the condo sleeping together so I could hear LO if she had a problem without using the monitor.

LO's croup turned into a bad respiratory issue that resulted in a high fever that we could not bring down so we had to go to the emergency room as the only pediatrician on the island wouldn't be back for a few days.   Here we are partying in the ER.

The doctor turned out to be a little on the gorgeous side was awesome and gave us some updated dosage information and some other things to try for the fever.  DH kept calling him Dr. Schwarmy loudly which I pointed out was not the compliment, McDreamy, he intended but implied he was creepy.  As LO was not feeling that well we did two awesome drives.  The first drive was along the south side of the island similar to the Road to Hana on Maui but right along the edge of the ocean.

The second drive was up the middle of the island to overlook some of the highest sea cliffs in the world. We parked and walked out to the top of the cliffs.  We did a lot of singing and dancing to keep LO's mind off her fever and discomfort.
The view from the top.  The leper colony below that you can tour but you have to be over 16.
We also visited Sandy Beach which is two miles of white sandy beach that we were among the five people on the beach that day.  They export the sand here to beaches in Oahu.
Molokai was amazing and so beautiful but it was hard to leave in that the one flight from Molokai to Lanai was cancelled on the day we wanted to leave so DH charted a plane for the 10 minute flight.  I was excited to fly "private" but this is probably not how the elite fly "private." I was a bit nervous to say the least.

Lanai was amazing in that there was a nice luxurious resort where they served you drinks by the pool.  Just as small an island but one that embraces tourism.  We took a horse drawn carriage ride through the town for a tour.

We went to the beach and the pool and relaxed. Strangely, enough Patrick McDermott, "McDreamy" was by the pool. Fun trip had by all!