Monday, April 11, 2011

Brave Girl

We visited the allergist today with trepidation.  I vowed to never return after the last skin prick test and the screaming that ensued but I needed a second opinion on the proposed milk challenge so we ventured in the office of doom.  I knew that we needed to go as LO woke up with small blisters on her butt this morning.  I know that people were feeding her at the party but I don't know what she was given.  As I didn't want to interrogate all of the family, I had decided to just let it go.

After talking with him, we decided to do a small skin prick test and I was extremely nervous and upset but it was the difference between risking anaphylactic shock and an uncomfortable 20 minutes.  LO did so much better and didn't even cry.  I would never suggest doing a skin test for a baby until one year at the earliest as I think their skin is just too thin before that.  I'm not a doctor but I am just saying.  So I was staring at the two milk proteins forever and it looked all good.  We need a blood test to make sure but I think that she may have intolerance but not a true allergy.   BUT the bummer is that CORN came up as an allergic reaction which SUCKS.   That shite is in everything but may be the reason that her ass was on fire this morning as I had given her Cheerios the previous evening left over from the party.  The second main ingredients in those Os of terror is corn.  I had always given her puffs but thought I would a little more mainstream.  Damn you corn.

So the allergist said that you will have a reaction from something that you ate three days ago not from something you consumed the previous evening.  So I thought he was full of crap as obviously it was the Cheerios but LO started taking her medication again on Friday which contains sorbitol, another name for corn.  Wow, all of that medical school really paid off in the end.  I really feel that she needs the medication as the happy baby has returned after a week of a fussy mean baby but I am even more confused.  If you are still reading, then you are a saint as this is one long boring ass post.