Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was considering shutting down the blog as I didn't know that it was serving my original intent and purpose. I feel too mainstreamish and not very interesting.  I am also getting extremely lazy with my no workness.  My blog used to be an outlet for a crazy busy, high producing, EXTREMELY important mom and now I feel so blah with my SAHM self.  I don't cook, clean, knit, decorate, organize or clip extreme coupons so really what am I doing?  I am so bored with myself that it is disgusting and usually I am my own biggest fan.  So like all people who think another child will solve their problems, I am starting an additional blog.   That way, I can neglect TWO blogs instead of one.   My new blog is going to be completely anonymous, have guest editors and be edgy.   I would tell you about it but it is a secret....

In other news, LO and I went to Sacramento this past weekend to throw a baby shower!  It was our first time on an airplane by ourselves and it went pretty well.  I was exhausted by the time I got home but proud that I did it.  The plane ride was the final frontier on gaining back freedom after a baby in my mind.   LO loves planes and feels that all of the people are sitting there waiting to entertain her or hand over their stuff for her entertainment.   She was a great travel companion and I am already scheming to take a little mother daughter trip again to visit some other folks with babes.

LO has also mastered the word "NO" in the past week and it makes me realize how much she has grown in the past year.   Everything you ask her is met with a vigorous head shake and a loud "NO." I am happy that she is able to communicate her dislikes now as I want her to have an opinion.   I would appreciate some additional vocabulary but I am sure that is coming quickly.

We have also hit a snag in the weaning of medication as she is starting to display acid reflux symptoms again and she is only off one of the medications.   As much as I would like to push forward, the doctor wants us back on meds for now.  I am pretty bummed but I think it is probably best to wait a little longer.    We are visiting the allergist on Monday to get his opinion on the milk challenge recommended by the GI doctor.

Lastly, we need food therapy like yesterday as LO is starting to reject purees and want big people food but she can't swallow so she ends up hungry and wanting to bottle feed more.  I am pretty frustrated with the process of referrals and the such.  A lot of the programs have been shut down by the hospitals as it was not a big moneymaker so we are trying to get to the right person at UCLA but if that doesn't work then we have to go through the "regional center." I really have no idea what the regional center is but it is always met with a grimace from the person referring to it.  LO supposedly "will never" get into Children's Hospital so I am going to have to figure out this regional thing which sounds similar to the DMV on crack.

That is the haps on this end.  Have a good weekend!