Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach Book Review

I read three great books while on vacation which is totally amazing as traveling with kidlets is sometimes an all consuming job.  But we didn't turn on the TV while we were gone and phones and Internet were restricted due to no service so I had a chance to read.  Also, DH passed out early most nights due to his over excitement with sun bathing.

BossypantsThe first book is Bossypants by Tina Fey.  I may have loved this book because 30 Rock is one of my favorite TV shows or because she is AWESOME.  Her humor is right up my alley and I feel that I can relate to her geeky awesomeness.  I tried to convince DH that Tina and I were similar but he didn't agree. Even the cover is pure genius. 
Every Last One: A NovelThe next two books were murders, everyone ends up dead books but good mysteries.  I read them late at night in a house with open doors and windows on a small island with no one around so I scared the hell out of myself.   The first one was Every Last One by Anna Quindlen about a "perfect" family told from the mother of three teenagers point of view.  The unthinkable happens and how she deals.  

Dark Places: A NovelThe second scary book, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn was a nice deviation in that the narrator starts off the book by saying she is a bad person so you can get past the "sadness" of her story and focus on the characters in a whodunit book.  A good mystery without all of the slasher details.