Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Future Elton John?

Sometimes I drink too much pink champagne and then I come home and get on the computer and buy non-returnable items.   What one year old doesn't need a 30 key mini baby grand in PINK? Somebody please find me a job or we will be living in our car with the pink piano and matching ukulele that seemed totally necessary in Hawaii.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Vaca Pics

Beach Book Review

I read three great books while on vacation which is totally amazing as traveling with kidlets is sometimes an all consuming job.  But we didn't turn on the TV while we were gone and phones and Internet were restricted due to no service so I had a chance to read.  Also, DH passed out early most nights due to his over excitement with sun bathing.

BossypantsThe first book is Bossypants by Tina Fey.  I may have loved this book because 30 Rock is one of my favorite TV shows or because she is AWESOME.  Her humor is right up my alley and I feel that I can relate to her geeky awesomeness.  I tried to convince DH that Tina and I were similar but he didn't agree. Even the cover is pure genius. 
Every Last One: A NovelThe next two books were murders, everyone ends up dead books but good mysteries.  I read them late at night in a house with open doors and windows on a small island with no one around so I scared the hell out of myself.   The first one was Every Last One by Anna Quindlen about a "perfect" family told from the mother of three teenagers point of view.  The unthinkable happens and how she deals.  

Dark Places: A NovelThe second scary book, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn was a nice deviation in that the narrator starts off the book by saying she is a bad person so you can get past the "sadness" of her story and focus on the characters in a whodunit book.  A good mystery without all of the slasher details. 

National Lampoon's Hawaiian Vacation

Yeah, we're back and my complete and total nervousness prevents me from announcing a vacation on FB or the blog.  I have no clue as to what would be stolen, maybe the cats.  If that was the case, I should have probably announced my address with flight times.  This was our first official family vacation with the long flight and significant time away from home.  Overall, it was a smashing success and we had an awesome time.  It exceeded my expectations and will definitely go down as one of the most memorable trips.  With that out the way, let me tell you the part that is so uniquely our family.

DH and I decided to use miles to fly first class instead of getting three coach seats which was making me nervous but the decision was made awhile ago and we went with it.  You make a decision when you get on a long flight with a baby and that is to embrace the plane or repel the plane.  We decided to embrace the plane so LO licked the seats and crawled the length of the plane a few times.  Within hours of arriving in Molokai, she had croup.  Molokai is a small island that is beautiful but no real stores or doctors or places to buy humidifiers.  We stayed at Bossman's condo which was awesome and bigger than our house.  We didn't even sleep on the second floor until the third night.  We all moved around the condo sleeping together so I could hear LO if she had a problem without using the monitor.

LO's croup turned into a bad respiratory issue that resulted in a high fever that we could not bring down so we had to go to the emergency room as the only pediatrician on the island wouldn't be back for a few days.   Here we are partying in the ER.

The doctor turned out to be a little on the gorgeous side was awesome and gave us some updated dosage information and some other things to try for the fever.  DH kept calling him Dr. Schwarmy loudly which I pointed out was not the compliment, McDreamy, he intended but implied he was creepy.  As LO was not feeling that well we did two awesome drives.  The first drive was along the south side of the island similar to the Road to Hana on Maui but right along the edge of the ocean.

The second drive was up the middle of the island to overlook some of the highest sea cliffs in the world. We parked and walked out to the top of the cliffs.  We did a lot of singing and dancing to keep LO's mind off her fever and discomfort.
The view from the top.  The leper colony below that you can tour but you have to be over 16.
We also visited Sandy Beach which is two miles of white sandy beach that we were among the five people on the beach that day.  They export the sand here to beaches in Oahu.
Molokai was amazing and so beautiful but it was hard to leave in that the one flight from Molokai to Lanai was cancelled on the day we wanted to leave so DH charted a plane for the 10 minute flight.  I was excited to fly "private" but this is probably not how the elite fly "private." I was a bit nervous to say the least.

Lanai was amazing in that there was a nice luxurious resort where they served you drinks by the pool.  Just as small an island but one that embraces tourism.  We took a horse drawn carriage ride through the town for a tour.

We went to the beach and the pool and relaxed. Strangely, enough Patrick McDermott, "McDreamy" was by the pool. Fun trip had by all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Brave Girl

We visited the allergist today with trepidation.  I vowed to never return after the last skin prick test and the screaming that ensued but I needed a second opinion on the proposed milk challenge so we ventured in the office of doom.  I knew that we needed to go as LO woke up with small blisters on her butt this morning.  I know that people were feeding her at the party but I don't know what she was given.  As I didn't want to interrogate all of the family, I had decided to just let it go.

After talking with him, we decided to do a small skin prick test and I was extremely nervous and upset but it was the difference between risking anaphylactic shock and an uncomfortable 20 minutes.  LO did so much better and didn't even cry.  I would never suggest doing a skin test for a baby until one year at the earliest as I think their skin is just too thin before that.  I'm not a doctor but I am just saying.  So I was staring at the two milk proteins forever and it looked all good.  We need a blood test to make sure but I think that she may have intolerance but not a true allergy.   BUT the bummer is that CORN came up as an allergic reaction which SUCKS.   That shite is in everything but may be the reason that her ass was on fire this morning as I had given her Cheerios the previous evening left over from the party.  The second main ingredients in those Os of terror is corn.  I had always given her puffs but thought I would a little more mainstream.  Damn you corn.

So the allergist said that you will have a reaction from something that you ate three days ago not from something you consumed the previous evening.  So I thought he was full of crap as obviously it was the Cheerios but LO started taking her medication again on Friday which contains sorbitol, another name for corn.  Wow, all of that medical school really paid off in the end.  I really feel that she needs the medication as the happy baby has returned after a week of a fussy mean baby but I am even more confused.  If you are still reading, then you are a saint as this is one long boring ass post.

THE Party

So the big party finally happened and it was fun.  A lot of relatives flew in for the big event and a lot of friends and family helped out which was mucho appreciated. The party was at my aunt's house which was beautiful and my other aunt baked her yummy treats for the occasion. I got my hair and makeup did for the parteee.  Uri the camera pro took some pictures for us.  What a guy!

The Cake

Waiting to get in the puppy pen
LO's boyfriend, yeah he's hot
Me and the dog looking at the camera.  HOLY HELL, when did I acquire my grandmother's upper arms.  If I don't get back to the gym, it is nun habits from here on out.  MUST STOP EATING STAT!
Grandpa stealing a baby.
Gift carnage the next morning
These dogs don't move, do something
So I loved, loved, loved that we did it up for LO's first birthday but it was a bit stressful and I felt that I didn't get a chance to talk to people.  I hear that you are supposed to invite the number of kids that the child is turning so maybe we will have a party and invite two kids next year.  Doubtful but maybe.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was considering shutting down the blog as I didn't know that it was serving my original intent and purpose. I feel too mainstreamish and not very interesting.  I am also getting extremely lazy with my no workness.  My blog used to be an outlet for a crazy busy, high producing, EXTREMELY important mom and now I feel so blah with my SAHM self.  I don't cook, clean, knit, decorate, organize or clip extreme coupons so really what am I doing?  I am so bored with myself that it is disgusting and usually I am my own biggest fan.  So like all people who think another child will solve their problems, I am starting an additional blog.   That way, I can neglect TWO blogs instead of one.   My new blog is going to be completely anonymous, have guest editors and be edgy.   I would tell you about it but it is a secret....

In other news, LO and I went to Sacramento this past weekend to throw a baby shower!  It was our first time on an airplane by ourselves and it went pretty well.  I was exhausted by the time I got home but proud that I did it.  The plane ride was the final frontier on gaining back freedom after a baby in my mind.   LO loves planes and feels that all of the people are sitting there waiting to entertain her or hand over their stuff for her entertainment.   She was a great travel companion and I am already scheming to take a little mother daughter trip again to visit some other folks with babes.

LO has also mastered the word "NO" in the past week and it makes me realize how much she has grown in the past year.   Everything you ask her is met with a vigorous head shake and a loud "NO." I am happy that she is able to communicate her dislikes now as I want her to have an opinion.   I would appreciate some additional vocabulary but I am sure that is coming quickly.

We have also hit a snag in the weaning of medication as she is starting to display acid reflux symptoms again and she is only off one of the medications.   As much as I would like to push forward, the doctor wants us back on meds for now.  I am pretty bummed but I think it is probably best to wait a little longer.    We are visiting the allergist on Monday to get his opinion on the milk challenge recommended by the GI doctor.

Lastly, we need food therapy like yesterday as LO is starting to reject purees and want big people food but she can't swallow so she ends up hungry and wanting to bottle feed more.  I am pretty frustrated with the process of referrals and the such.  A lot of the programs have been shut down by the hospitals as it was not a big moneymaker so we are trying to get to the right person at UCLA but if that doesn't work then we have to go through the "regional center." I really have no idea what the regional center is but it is always met with a grimace from the person referring to it.  LO supposedly "will never" get into Children's Hospital so I am going to have to figure out this regional thing which sounds similar to the DMV on crack.

That is the haps on this end.  Have a good weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Babies, babies, babies

I love babies and I love babes with a cause.  Sometimes babies come and everything goes smoothly and sometimes they come early and not everything goes as planned.   For all the babies and families that need a little extra support, check out K's blog and the March of Dimes banner.

Just do it or you will make her cry.