Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Do You Do It For?

Recently, a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless unless you read her blog too, submitted her blog for a critique.  She had hoped for some tips on improving her blog to make it better in general. She received a scathing critique that targeted their perceptions of her and was lean to non-existent on the helpful tips.  I know that some bloggers attend conferences to improve their blog, monetize or increase readership which seems like so much work.  Is it all for the money? Is it all for show? Why do you blog? Why do I blog?  I started blogging because it was cheaper than therapy and I needed an outlet for some of the crap that I was thinking about.   If I did it for readership, than I would stop vomiting all over the screen with run-on sentences and bad punctuation.

I didn't think anyone would pay attention to what I had to say with the exception of my mother and I was fine with that.  Then people started stopping by and commenting and it was a crazy experience.  People actually gave a shite to peek into my little world wedged between a liquor store and car wash.  I started reading blogs as well and I realized that I gave a shite about them too.  I actually cared about what happened to their kids or that a bird pooped on them.   So, this is a convoluted thank you for giving a shite. Also, let me know why you blog? I'm interested.