Sunday, March 20, 2011

Redemption Song

So after my somewhat ranty post on Friday, I had a really relaxing weekend.  DH helped out with the Mama cat who is actually recovering and gaining weight.  Thank you for all your prayers (hahaha, I know you weren't praying for the cat). He got up with LO both days and cooked breakfast and lunch.  He left his computer at work and I felt relaxed because he wasn't stressed out.

I tend to get stressed during the week as I feel the weeks slipping away and I am still not employed.  I feel that it is a bad reflection on me and I take it personally when it is all business.  My original goal was to go back to work in May and I need to give myself a break once in awhile.  I am also starting to think about alternative work solutions.  I have always been afraid of not being employed by a large stable company but maybe it is time to give project work a go.

We attended a dinner at DH's boss' house on Saturday night and the women seemed a bit shocked by the number of hours that I used to be gone during a regular business day.  I am not ashamed of my previous schedule but I am starting to realize that I didn't DO a lot around the house.  I do a lot for the family but as far as cleaning, laundry, dishes, and baby bottles, I wasn't home enough to participate. I concentrated on bills, financial decisions, keeping the house stocked and all the damn appointments. I used the time away from work for focusing on LO and DH.  Now I am around and I am having a tough transition to say the least.  There are so many reasons to be thankful that I need to calm my business down a bit.  

We are on countdown to LO's birthday on March 27, her party on April 10 and a vaca in the mix.  Also, we are experiencing a rather rainy day here in Sunshineland and it feels great.  When it is always sunny, you are pressured to go outside and be active.  Now we have an excuse to stay inside and possibly not shower.