Friday, March 11, 2011

Me and My Best Friend

Last weekend one of my family members mentioned that I never leave my baby in a conversation.  It was not a negative or positive, just a simple fact.  I started to protest and tell them all of the fabulous places that I have been without LO and then I realized that they may be right.  But why would I leave my baby as I love hanging out with her?  She doesn't talk, laughs at everything I say and I pick out all of her clothes.  She is a fabulous BFF.  I have been on an overnight business trip but Poppins was here when she wasn't sleeping so it really didn't count.

So Erica asked if I wanted to go to the Blathering with her this year and I agreed.  It is in October, we could all be living on Mars by then.  Agreeing to something in October is like agreeing to give up your first born when you are 14.  She registered us right away and then posted a banner on her blog.  So then I realized this is serious business and I started thinking about who would take care of LO.  Asking DH to take care of her for the weekend for something in October is easy as he will just agree but when it gets close he will have a do or die situation.

Projected sample conversation in September between DH and me:

Me "Only four weeks and then I am going to Austin."

DH "What is in Austin?"

Me "The Blathering which I have told you about weekly since March"

DH "What is the actual date?"

Me "It is the third weekend like I have told you 24 times before"

DH "Who is going to watch LO?"

Me "Her real father"

DH "I can't possibly do it as I will be showing my mini-horse at a competition that benefits children in South America"

Me "I didn't know that we owned a mini horse or that you showed them"

DH "This is only the single most important weekend of my entire year.  If I don't show my mini-horse than 500 children in Holland will be without clogs and have to go to school with no shoes."

Me "I thought it was South America"

DH "This is a serious issue but if this is really important to you than I will call up the President and tell him that I will be unable to assist him in balancing the budget that weekend"

Me "It is important but your weekend sounds so important that I can stay home and watch LO"

DH "You are the best wife"

Me "I know"

Designated weekend rolls around to find DH in his underwear watching TV.

Me "What happened to the President and the clogless children"

DH "I am so spacey, that is next weekend."

So I am going to the Blathering unless we are living on Mars or DH needs to save the world.  So if you are a stalker and want to chop me into a million pieces and stir-fry me, I will be in Texas in October.  Hope to see you there!