Monday, March 14, 2011

Mama Cat Update

You may be wondering what happened to the mama cat after we opened up the AmEx and gave the green light to a bunch of animal loving, people and children hating crazies to fix our cat.  I was wondering as well so I called them up when DH left the country.  Although I wrote the cutesy Family of Five post and I love her, a small part of me thought it might be time to put the big sleep on if any signs of regression were evident.  DH was concentrating on big things in London and I was home with not much to do except run errands and possibly kill the cat.

So I called the vet and before I could even speak, they informed me that the staff had fallen in love with the mama cat and had all decided that they wanted to contribute to her care by donating their fundraiser money to our bill.   If someone starts a conversation with a contribution, you know the next sentence is going to be crap.  They wanted to call me later in the day to go over the bill with me.  I made an appointment to come see the cat with the feeding tube and my master plan was somewhat damaged.

They put us in a room so that we could spend some time together and the cat was all over the nurse.  As in, upset to see me.  She started explaining that she had been feeding the cat baby food and home cooked meals.  Mama cat finally paid attention to me after the nurse left the room in a "Go home lady," kind of way.   Unfortunately for her, I am still jobless and DH is back from Europe so she is coming home today.  A few pics from last week.


A feeding tube for a cat, not something you see every day.