Monday, March 21, 2011


I know that my posts have been a little "Help Please, Wahhhh is Me,"so I have decided to do a HELPFUL post.  You may or may not find the following list the least bit helpful but it sure as shite beats the hell out of another post about Mama Cat who visited the vet today AGAIN.

1.  Amazon Mom (which is awesome) will let you do a subscription for baby food similar to diapers and you get 15% off.  Even if you are not a mom, you should sign up for the program as it offers free two day shipping.

2. is having a coupon on Sprout baby food which uses all organic food with some spices for maturing the palate (extremely important)

3. Nosefrida - It's your friend.

4. Trader Joes - They have pre-cooked individually wrapped chicken breasts right near the dips and spreads section.  It is reasonably priced and LO starts screaming with excitement when she smells it heating up in the microwave. She can't chew or swallow it but she still shoves it in her mouth and sucks on it.

5. If your child attaches to a lovey, buy five of them.  Trust me on this one.

6. Ok a non-breeder, unemployed gal tip.  If your child drops a heavy object on your freshly painted toenails, you should go to a drugstore that lets you test the nail polish and cover the area with a somewhat similar color.  No one gets that close.  Bring a child or animal that will cause a distraction while you paint away. Disgusting or savvy?? Your welcome.